16 April 2018

Revolutionary Phrase-mongering and the Syrian Civil War

Of all the tens of thousands of memes that have crossed my newsfeed on Facebook, one of my most favorite is this: “Leadership is not wielding authority.  It is empowering people.”

In 1883, Karl Marx wrote a letter to Jules Guesde, organizer of the French Workers Party (Parti Ouvrier Fran├žais in French), and his own son-in-law, Paul Lafargue, the party’s leading theorist, accusing them of “revolutionary phrase-mongering” for their opposition to “reformism”.  It included his famous statement that “if this is Marxism, all I can say is that I am not a Marxist”.

The origin of this dispute was the Programme of the French Workers Party drafted in London in 1880 by Marx, Guesde, Lafargue, and Friedrich Engels.  Marx wrote the programme’s preamble, or maximum section, while all four collaborated on the following political and economic sections of the document, which were together known as the minimum section.  Marx and Engels were especially proud of the economic section, which Marx in particular praised it as deriving from the demands of the proletariat themselves which were closely achievable goals on the way to a full revolution while Engels recommended it to the German Social Democratic Party in his 1891 Critique of the Erfurt Programme. 

As a whole, the Programme of the French Workers Party is notable in socialist literature for its brevity and clarity.  It can be found in its entirety on the Marxist Internet Archive under the name “Programme of the Parti Ouvrier”.

The dispute between Marx and his two French proteges arose three years after the document’s drafting when the latter two disdained both parts of the minimum section as “reformism”, referring to its principles as mere bait to lure the working-class away from Radicalism movement.  Radicalism in this case is the general name by which the left opposition movement of French republicans has been known since the constitutional July Monarchy of Louis Phillipe I.  He came to power in 1830 after his Orleanists overthrew the House of Bourbon which had been restored after the fall of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1814.  His government made it illegal for political parties to call themselves “republican”, so the former “republicans” adopted the moniker “radical” from the Brits.  The movement’s current incarnation is the Union of Democrats and Independents.

It would be fair and accurate to describe the self-proclaimed Marxist but actually anti-Marx positions of Guesde and Lafargue as “proto-Leninist”, since Lenin followed their ideology of using democratic and human rights demands of the working class as bait to lure in its members for his and his faction’s own ends. 

Leninism and all its offshoots and derivatives—Trotskyism, Zinovievism, Stalinism, Maoism, Fidelism, Dengism, Prachanda Path, Hoxhaism, Titoism—directly descend not so much from the ideology of Marx and Engels as from the “revolutionary phrase-mongering” of the two who wrongly claimed to be their heirs.  Engels chosen heir, in fact, was Karl Kautsky.  Kautskyism Luxemburgism, and council communism are the only legitimate branches of actual Marxism.

Kautsky, unfortunately, originated the doctrine of vanguardism, a departure from Marx and Engels, which Lenin corrupted for his own purposes, its origin giving his mutated, anti-democratic ideas legitimacy.   Kautsky also popularized the term Marxism for his ideas in direct opposition to his own mentor’s wishes, largely in opposition to the revisionist Eduard Bernstein, who also began to use the term afterward.  Engels, in fact, strongly opposed the designation on the grounds that his and Marx’s philosophy should not be a personality cult.

I always think of the term “revolutionary phrase-mongering” when I encounter self-proclaimed leftist revolutionaries of any of the Leninist brands denouncing all types of reformism, even that advocated by the man in whose name they claim to speak.  To them, Marx—who sided with imperial capitalism against the slavocracy of the American South and supported the Young Ireland nationalists—would not count as a “true Marxist” in the same way that Dragging Canoe would not qualify for any of the three federally-recognized Cherokee tribes because his father was born Nipissing and his mother was of the Natchez.

In the same vein, that phrase comes to mind when those same type people and their fellow-travelling pundits and intellectuals defend such authoritarian figures in Southwest Asia and North Africa as Mohammed Morsi, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Muammar al-Qaddafi, and, lately, Bashar al-Assad, all in the name of a false anti-imperialism.  When they denounce the White Hats in Syria as false flags or victims of Syrian regime atrocities, Russian bombings, and Iranian attacks as paid actors, they remind me of right-wing pundits in the United States, or its current president, condemning victims of mass shootings the same way, as paid actors.  They share the same lack of morality and truthfulness.

To the revolutionary phrase-mongering pseudo-Left, the only paradigm that counts is East vs. West, which, among other things, ignores the North-South paradigm.  In addition to lack of insincerity and lack of authenticity, this tendency stems from an archaic hangover from the Cold War.  To these people, every act of the West is born out of imperialism and neocolonialism while those of whomever claims to act against the West acts are always acts of liberation.  As well as archaic, this point-of-view is itself neocolonialist since it erases the native voices of the people in whose name they claim to speak.

In truth, though, these people do not speak in the name of any of those people but in the name of the governments oppressing them.  Their approach flips the meme I praised at the start of this piece from “Leadership is not wielding authority; it is empowering people” to “Leadership is not empowering people; it is wielding authority”, because wielding authority, and power, their own authority and their own power, is all that they are about.

One of the best pieces I’ve read on this aspect of the civil wars in Syria is called ‘The anti-imperialism of idiots’ by Leila Al Shami, published on her blog.  I highly recommend it.  At its end, Leila writes: “I won’t lose any sleep over targeted strikes aimed at regime military bases and chemical weapons plants which may provide Syrians with a short respite from the daily killing. And I will never see people who place grand narratives over lived realities, who support brutal regimes in far off countries, or who peddle racism, conspiracy theories, and atrocity denial, as allies.”

15 March 2018

The real Barack Obama

Early in the Great Recession (still ongoing at this date, 15 March 2018) in the wake of the global financial collapse of 2007-2008, new POTUS Barack Obama, elected under the slogan “Change We Can Believe In”, met with his real constituents, the masters of the universe, the overlords of the lords of Wall Street.  The date was 27 March 2009.

Present at the meeting besides POTUS 44 were Ken Chenault, of American Express; Ken Lewis, of Bank of America; Robert Kelly, of Bank of New York-Mellon; Vikram Pandit, of Citigroup; John Koskinen, of Freddie Mac; of Lloyd Blankfein, of Goldman Sachs; Jamie Dimon, of JPMorgan-Chase; John Mack, of Morgan Stanley; Rick Waddell, of Northern Trust; James Rohr, of PNC Financial Services; Ronald Logue, of State Street; Richard Davis, of US Bank; and John Stumpf, of Wells Fargo.

According to Ron Suskind’s insider account, Confidence Men, this is what he told them:

“My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks. You guys have an acute public-relations problem that’s turning into a political problem. And I want to help. But you need to show that you get that this is a crisis and that everyone has to make some sacrifices. I’m not out there to go after you. I’m protecting you. But if I’m going to shield you from public and congressional anger, you have to give me something to work with on these issues of compensation.”

With that statement, POTUS 44 showed his true colors, who he really came to office to work for.  There would be no hope and no change, just more of the same.  So close are his ties to Wall Street that Citigroup picked his entire cabinet but for one member.

At the start of his first term, Obama had an amazing approval rating of 80+%.  For his first Congress, he had a virtual supermajority in both houses, with fifty-seven Democrats in the Senate and two hundred fifty-eight Democrats in the House of Representatives.  Obama failed to change things not because he could not do but because he had no desire to do so.  He really doesn’t give a flying fuck about the American people, and neither do the Democratic establishment.

07 March 2018

For International Women's Day 2018

Rather than pontificate, I thought I would share the names of women active in causes for women or humankind in general whom I most admire.

The text comes mostly from my piece for the podcast of Left Ungagged, with some additions.

These are some of my favorite female heroes throughout history, or at least history since the mid-16th century.

Grainne Ui Mhaille, or Grace O’Malley, chief of the O’Malleys, pirate queen of West Connacht, most powerful ruler of all Connacht, and leader of a formidable band of Viking Highlander pirates from the mid-16th century through the beginning of the 17th century.  Some of my ancestors in Connemara probably sailed and fought with her.  Read her bio on the website Badass of the Week; it’s not only accurate, it’s hilarious.

Constance Markievizc, suffragette, socialist, labor activist, revolutionary, and first woman in the world to hold a cabinet position, in the Irish Republic from 1919-1922.  She fought with the Irish Citizen Army in the Easter Rising, then throughout the Anglo-Irish War.

Emma Goldman, leading anarchist and labor of the late 19th and early 20th centuries who significantly  anarchist ideology and in her sixties went to Spain during its Civil War to support the Republican cause.  A feminist who eschewed “mainstream” feminism, she initially supported the Russian Revolution then turned away when the Bolsheviks dropped their mask.

Helen Keller, the deaf and blind activist who helped form the Socialist Party of America, and its intellectual wing, the Intercollegiate Socialist Society, and was highly influential in the early stages of the Industrial Workers of the World.

Ida B. Wells, the suffragette, sociologist, feminist, and co-founder of the Natioanl Association for the Advancement of Colored People along with W.E.B. Dubois.  One of the great lights of Afro-American history from the early 20th century.

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, the “Rebel Girl” and organizer for the Industrial Workers of the World who helped found the American Civil Liberties Union and later joined the Communist Party USA, ultimately becoming its national chairperson.

Rosa Luxemburg, the premier Marxist theorist of her day, more so even than Kautsky or Lenin or Trotsky, feminist, antiwar activist, economist, and revolutionary socialist who helped found the Communist Party of Germany.  Her history of the Russian Revolution is a must read.

Amy Licht, the CPUSA activist who led the Chattanooga local in the early 1930s, who, in addition to all she did for the unemployed, the working poor, and Afro-Americans in the area is the person who spearheaded the defense of the Scottsboro Boys until the lawyers took over and then continued to lead the public fight outside the courts.

Claudette Colvin, at age 15 the first Afro-American in Montgomery, Alabama, to refuse to give up a bus seat to a white person and move to the back of the bus in 1954, nine months before Rosa Parks did the same.  The decision was Claudette’s and Claudette’s alone.

Rosa Parks, whose arrest for following Claudette’s example initiated the Montgomery Bus Boycott and who besides being a staunch advocate of desegregation was a fierce warrior for women’s rights, especially the rights of Afro-American women, often against the preferences of her male colleagues in the NAACP.  Years before initiating the boycott in Montgomery, she fought to have white men who raped Afro-American women prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Though none were ever convicted, many victims at least saw their cases in court.

Annie Mae Aquash, the Mikmaq activist with the American Indian Movement in the late 1960’s and early 1970s who was a victim of the FBI’s CONINTELPRO.  She took part in the seizure of the Mayflower II in 1970, the Trail of Broken Treaties and the occupation of the Bureau of Indian Affairs headquarters in Washington, D.C., the occupations of Wounded Knee, Anicinabe Park in Ontario, and the Alexian Brothers abbey in Wisconsin.

Tina Manning, Paiute-Shoshone activist of the Duckwater Shoshone Tribe and wife of American Indian Movement leader John Trudell, who was assassinated for her political activities on behalf of her people, mainly in the area of water rights.  Arsonists burned down the home she shared with John and their children; she, their four children, and her mother died, while her father survived but with serious injuries.

The Dixie Chicks, for their stand against the Iraq War and the consequences which they suffered because of it.

Rosie Kane, Scottish Socialist Party leader and former MSP who took the oath of loyalty to the queen with “my oath is to the people” written on her hand.  No longer in the Holyrood parliament, she is still with SSP and is an activist in many causes.

Tulsi Gabbard, the Congressperson from Hawaii who stepped down from being deputy chairperson of the Democratic National Committee because of its myopic cheating against Bernie Sanders during the 2016 campaign and one of the foremost and solid leaders of the DP’s progressive wing.

Mhairi Black, the MP to Westminster from the Scottish Nationalist Party whose speeches on the floor always give me goosebumps.

Kshama Sawant, the Occupy activist and Socialist Alternative member who won and still holds a seat on the City Council of Seattle and is taking a prominent role in the formation of an actual national people’s party.

Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, who has fought for the rights and dignity of not just Afro-Americans but all victims of police and legal misconduct, for trans and non-gender specific people, domestic workers, and students, and who can give one hell of a great speech.

Winona Laduke of the White Earth Ojibwe, environmentalist, defender of tribal land claims and reservations, and former candidate for Vice President of the United States from the Green Party USA.

Malala Yousafzai, and if you don’t know her and why I include her you are more deaf and blind than Helen Keller.

Ahed Tamimi, the teenaged Palestinian anti-occupation activist jailed by the Zionist State of Israel on charges of terrorism for slapping an Israeli Occupation Forces soldier—once—in defense of her cousin.

Lorde, aka Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor, who after learning for herself the truth of the situation for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories cancelled a schedule concert in Israel and stuck to her guns in the face of a tsunami of official and online troll abuse.

The women of Pussy Riot, some of the bravest and most principled in the world today.

The group of students from UTC whom I have marched with several times the past year and a half who have given me the nickname “Protest Dad”.

All of the women of all ages in or from Iran whom I’ve gotten to know since the beginning of the Green Movement in Iran.

My females colleagues in the Left Ungagged project.

Maxine Cousin, my friend and comrade who died recently who fought tirelessly against racism and police brutality since the 1980s, founded Concerned Citizens for Justice along with Lorenzo Irvine, and who with Lorenzo and others led the fight to change Chattanooga’s racist elected at-large city commission in the late 1980s.  She died 4 February 2018 and is buried in Chattanooga National Cemetery, where her father, Wadie Suttles, is also buried, interned after beign beaten to death by guards in the former Chattanooga City Jail.

28 February 2018

ST:DS9, a Chronology of the Series and its Relaunch

This is my chronology for the TV best series of the Star Trek, including episodes of its predecessor which give some background for the story and its relaunch in books, comics, and ebooks after the series ended.


“Prequel” episodes in the immediately preceding iteration of Star Trek that provide a set up for the story in the main series addressed here.  These are essential viewing, especially for those who have not seen Star Trek: The Next Generation or who have not seen it in a long time.

ST:TNG s03e25/s04e01 “The Best of Both Worlds

ST:TNG s04e012 “The Wounded”

ST:TNG s05e03 “Ensign Ro”

ST:TNG s06e10e11 “The Chain of Command”


The episodes of the greatest incarnation of the Star Trek franchise, with the episodes of the core series, crossover episodes with Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager, and one comic book story, because you can never have enough tribbles.

Season 1

ST:DS9 s01e01e02 “Emissary”
ST:DS9 s01e03 “Past Prologue”
ST:DS9 s01e04 “A Man Alone”
ST:DS9 s01e05 “Babel”
ST:DS9 s01e06 “Captive Pursuit”
ST:DS9 s01e07 “Q-Less”
ST:DS9 s01e08 “Dax”
ST:DS9 s01e09 “The Passenger”
ST:DS9 s01e10 “Move Along Home”

ST:TNG s06e16e17 “Birthright”

ST:DS9 s01e11 “The Nagus”
ST:DS9 s01e12 “Vortex”
ST:DS9 s01e13 “Battle Lines”
ST:DS9 s01e14 “The Storyteller”
ST:DS9 s01e15 “Progress”
ST:DS9 s01e16 “If Wishes Were Horses”
ST:DS9 s01e17 “The Forsaken”
ST:DS9 s01e18 “Dramatis Personae”
ST:DS9 s01e19 “Duet”
ST:DS9 s01e20 “In the Hands of the Prophets”

Season 2

ST:DS9 s02e01 “Homecoming”
ST:DS9 s02e02 “The Circle”
ST:DS9 s02e03 “The Siege”
ST:DS9 s02e04 “Invasive Procedures”
ST:DS9 s02e05 “Cardassians”
ST:DS9 s02e06 “Melora”
ST:DS9 s02e07 “Rules of Acquisition”
ST:DS9 s02e08 “NecessaryEvil”
ST:DS9 s02e09 “Second Sight”
ST:DS9 s02e10 “Sanctuary”
ST:DS9 s02e11 “Rivals”
ST:DS9 s02e12 “The Alternate”
ST:DS9 s02e13 “Armageddon Game”
ST:DS9 s02e14 “Whispers”

ST:TNG s07e15 “Lower Decks”

ST:DS9 s02e15 “Paradise”
ST:DS9 s02e16 “Shadowplay”
ST:DS9 s02e17 “Playing God”
ST:DS9 s02e18 “Profit and Losse”
ST:DS9 s02e19 “Blood Oath”

ST:TNG s07e20 “Journey’s End”

ST:DS9 s02e2e21 “The Maquis”

ST:TNG s07e21 “Firstborn”

ST:DS9 s02e22 “The Wire”
ST:DS9 s02e23 “Crossover”

ST:TNG s07e24 “Preemptive Strike”

ST:DS9 s02e24 “The Collaborator”
ST:DS9 s02e25 “Tribunal”
ST:DS9 s02e25 “The Jem’Hadar”

Season 3

ST:DS9 s03e01e02 “The Search”
ST:DS9 s03e03 “The House of Quark”
ST:DS9 s03e04 “Equilibrium”
ST:DS9 s03e05 “Second Skin”
ST:DS9 s03e06 “The Abandoned”
ST:DS9 s03e07 “Civil Defense”
ST:DS9 s03e08 “Meridian”
ST:DS9 s03e09 “Defiant”
ST:DS9 s03e10 “Fascination”
ST:DS9 s03e11e12 “Past Tense”

ST:VOY s01e01e02 “Caretaker”

ST:DS9 s03e13 “Life Support”
ST:DS9 s03e14 “Heart of Stone”
ST:DS9 s03e15 “Destiny”
ST:DS9 s03e16 “Prophet Motive”
ST:DS9 s03e17 “Visionary”
ST:DS9 s03e18 “Distant Voices”
ST:DS9 s03e19 “Through the Looking Glass”
ST:DS9 s03e20 “Improbable Cause”
ST:DS9 s03e21 “The Die is Cast”
ST:DS9 s03e22 “Explorers”
ST:DS9 s03e23 “Family Business”
ST:DS9 s03e24 “Shakaar”
ST:DS9 s03e25 “Facets”
ST:DS9 s03e26 “The Adversary”

Season 4

ST:DS9 s04e01e02 “The Way of the Warrior”
ST:DS9 s04e03 “The Visitor”
ST:DS9 s04e04 “Hippocratic Oath”
ST:DS9 s04e05 “Indsicretion”
ST:DS9 s04e06 “Rejoined”
ST:DS9 s04e07 “Starship Down”
ST:DS9 s04e08 “Little Green Men”
ST:DS9 s04e09 “The Sword of Kahless”
ST:DS9 s04e10 “Our Man Bashir”
ST:DS9 s04e11 “Homefront”
ST:DS9 s04e12 “Paradise Lost”
ST:DS9 s04e13 “Crossfire”
ST:DS9 s04e14 “Return to Grace”
ST:DS9 s04e15 “Sons of Mogh”
ST:DS9 s04e16 “Bar Association”
ST:DS9 s04e17 “Accesion”
ST:DS9 s04e18 “Rules of Engagement”
ST:DS9 s04e19 “Hard Time”
ST:DS9 s04e20 “Shattered Mirror”
ST:DS9 s04e21 “Muse”
ST:DS9 s04e22 “For the Cause”
ST:DS9 s04e23 “To the Death”
ST:DS9 s04e24 “The Quickening”
ST:DS9 s04e25 “Body Parts”
ST:DS9 s04e26 “Broken Link”

Season 5

ST:DS9 s05e01 “Apocalypse Rising”
ST:DS9 s05e02 “The Ship”
ST:DS9 s05e03 “Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places”
ST:DS9 s05e04 “…Nor the Battle to the Strong”
ST:DS9 s05e05 “The Assignment”
ST:DS9 s05e06 “Trials and Tribble-ations”

ST DS9 #14: “Nobody Knows the Tribble I’ve Seen” (comic)

ST:DS9 s05e07 “Let He Who is Without Sin…”
ST:DS9 s05e08 “Things Past”
ST:DS9 s05e09 “The Ascent”
ST:DS9 s05e10 “Rapture”
ST:DS9 s05e11 “The Darkness and the Light”
ST:DS9 s05e12 “The Begotten”
ST:DS9 s05e13 “For the Uniform”
ST:DS9 s05e14 “In Purgatory’s Shadow”
ST:DS9 s05e15 “By Inferno’s Light”
ST:DS9 s05e16 “Dr. Bashir, I Presume?”
ST:DS9 s05e17 “A Simple Investigation”
ST:DS9 s05e18 “Business as Usual”
ST:DS9 s05e19 “Ties of Blood and Waters”
ST:DS9 s05e20 “Ferengi Love Songs”
ST:DS9 s05e21 “Soldiers of the Empire”
ST:DS9 s05e22 “Children of Time”
ST:DS9 s05e23 “Blaze of Glory”
ST:DS9 s05e24 “Empok Nor”
ST:DS9 s05e25 “In the Cards”
ST:DS9 s05e26 “Call to Arms”

Season 6

ST:DS9 s06e01 “A Time to Stand”
ST:DS9 s06e02 “Rocks and Shoals”
ST:DS9 s06e03 “Sons and Daughters”
ST:DS9 s06e04 “Behind the Lines”
ST:DS9 s06e05 “Fortunes Favors the Bold”
ST:DS9 s06e06 “Sacrifice of Angels”
ST:DS9 s06e07 “You Are Cordially Invited…”
ST:DS9 s06e08 “Resurrection”
ST:DS9 s06e09 “Statistical Probablilities”
ST:DS9 s06e10 “The Magnificant Ferengi”
ST:DS9 s06e11 “Waltz”
ST:DS9 s06e12 “Who Mourns for Morn?”
ST:DS9 s06e13 “Far Beyond the Stars”
ST:DS9 s06e14 “One Little Ship”
ST:DS9 s06e15 “Honor Among Thieves”
ST:DS9 s06e16 “Change of Heart”
ST:DS9 s06e17 “Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night”
ST:DS9 s06e18 “Inquisition”
ST:DS9 s06e19 “In the Pale Moonlight”
ST:DS9 s06e20 “His Way”
ST:DS9 s06e21 “The Reckoning”
ST:DS9 s06e22 “Valiant”
ST:DS9 s06e23 “Profit and Lace”
ST:DS9 s06e24 “Time’s Orphan”
ST:DS9 s06e25 “The Sound of Her Voice”
ST:DS9 s06e26 “Tears of the Prophets”

Season 7

ST:DS9 s07e01 “Image in the Sand”
ST:DS9 s07e02 “Symbols and Shadows”
ST:DS9 s07e03 “Afterimage”
ST:DS9 s07e04 “Take Me Out to the Holosuite”
ST:DS9 s07e05 “Chrysalis”
ST:DS9 s07e06 “Treachery, Faith, and the Great River”
ST:DS9 s07e07 “One More unto the Breach”
ST:DS9 s07e08 “The Siege of AR-588”
ST:DS9 s07e09 “Covenant”
ST:DS9 s07e10 “It’s Only a Paper Moon”
ST:DS9 s07e11 “Prodigal Daughter”
ST:DS9 s07e12 “The Emperor’s New Cloak”
ST:DS9 s07e13 “Field of Fire”
ST:DS9 s07e14 “Chimera”
ST:DS9 s07e15 “Badda-Bing Badda-Bang”
ST:DS9 s07e16 “Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges”
ST:DS9 s07e17 “Penumbra”
ST:DS9 s07e18 “Til Death Do Us Part”
ST:DS9 s07e19 “Stange Bedfellows”
ST:DS9 s07e20 “The Changing Face of Evil”
ST:DS9 s07e21 “When It Rains…”
ST:DS9 s07e22 “Tacking Into the Wind”
ST:DS9 s07e23 “Extreme Measures”
ST:DS9 s07e24 “The Dogs of War”
ST:DS9 s07e25e26 “What You Leave Behind”


After the series ended, fans wanted more and writers wanted to write more.  So Star Trek: Deep Space Nine continued in novels, comics, and ebooks as well as in short story collections.  It was the first of the second generation Star Trek TV series to do so, establishing the trend.  There are several lists of this across the web; mine includes ST TNG novels that feature or include Worf as a Federation ambassador that are not usually included in other lists, but since they touch on subjects the TV series dealt with, I’ve included them in my list of relaunch works.

ST DS9 = Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
ST SNW = Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (collections of short stories)
ST TNG = Star Trek: The Next Generation
ST SCE = Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers (originally release as ebooks)
ST GKN = Star Trek: Gorkon
ST KE = Star Trek: Klingon Empire
ST ENT = Star Trek: Enterprise

ST DS9: What You Leave Behind

ST DS9: The Lives of Dax

ST DS9: N-Vector (comic)

ST SNW #7 - “Barclay Program Nine”

ST DS9: The Left Hand of Destiny I & II

ST DS9: A Stitch in Time

ST TNG: Diplomatic Implausibility

ST SNW #9 - “Living on the Edge of Existence”

ST DS9: Avatar I & II

ST SNW #8 - “Gumbo”

ST SCE 6: Cold Fusion (ebook)

ST SNW #6 - “Urgent Matter”

ST Section 31: Abyss

ST Gateways #4: Deep Space Nine - Demons of Air and Darkness

ST Gateways #7: What Lay Beyond – “Horn and Ivory”

ST SCE #10: Here There Be Monsters (ebook)

ST DS9: Mission Gamma I - Twilight

ST DS9: Divided We Fall (comic)

ST The Brave and the Bold II, Part 2: The Final Artifact

ST DS9: Mission Gamma II – This Gray Spirit

ST DS9: Mission Gamma III – Cathedral

ST GKN: A Good Day to Die

ST GKN: Honor Bound

ST DS9: Mission Gamma IV – Lesser Evil

ST DS9: Rising Son

ST DS9: Unity

ST GKN: Enemy Territory

ST DS9: Worlds of Deep Space Nine #2 – “Trill: Unjoined”

ST Tales from the Captain’s Table - “The Officers’ Club”

ST DS9: Worlds of Deep Space Nine #2  “Bajor: Fragments and Omens”

ST DS9: Worlds of Deep Space Nine #1 – “Andor: Paradigm”

ST KE: A Burning House

ST DS9: Worlds of Deep Space Nine #3 – “Ferenginar: Satisfaction Is Not Guaranteed”

ST SCE #51: Lost Time (ebook)

ST DS9: Worlds of Deep Space Nine #1 – “Cardassia: The Lotus Flower”

ST SNW #9: “Shadowed Allies”(DS9)

ST DS9: Worlds of Deep Space Nine #3 – “The Dominion: Olympus Descending”

ST TNG: Genesis Force

ST DS9: Warpath

ST DS9: Fearful Symmetry

ST DS9: The Soul Key

ST SNW #9 - “The Last Tree on Ferenginar”

ST DS9: The Never-Ending Sacrifice

ST TNG: A Time to Kill

ST TNG: A Time to Heal

ST TNG: A Time for War, a Time for Peace

Star Trek: Articles of the Federation

ST DS9: Prophecy and Change – “The Calling”

ST Destiny I: Gods of Night

ST Destiny II: Mere Mortals

ST Destiny III: Lost Souls

Star Trek: A Singular Destiny

ST Typhon Pact #1: Zero Sum Game

ST Typhon Pact #3: Rough Beasts of Empire

ST Typhon Pact #4: Paths of Disharmony

ST TNG: Indistinguishable from Magic

ST Typhon Pact #5: Plagues of Night

ST Typhon Pact #6: Raise the Dawn

ST The Fall #1: Revelation and Dust

ST The Fall #3: A Ceremony of Losses

ST DS9: Lust’s Latinum Lost (and Found)

ST DS9: The Missing

ST DS9: Sacrements of Fire

ST DS9: Ascendance

ST Section 31: Disavowed

ST DS9: Force and Motion

ST DS9: Rules of Accusation

ST DS9: The Long Mirage

ST Section 31: Control

ST DS9: Enigma Tales

ST DS9 Gamma: Original Sin

ST DS9: I, The Constable

ST ENT: The Good That Men Do

27 February 2018

Buffyverse Groups and Their Members

These are the major groups in the Buffyverse from The Whirlwind in the 18th century through the end of Season 11, focusing mostly on the Scooby Gang and Team Angel, with members, allies, and primary enemies listed by composition for each season.


Now based in San Francisco, this group’s core are Buffy, Giles, Willow, and Xander from the time Buffy moved to Sunnydale.  Other members have come and gone, with a few remaining or returning.  Current members live on the same floor of an apartment building near the Tenderloin district in San Francisco.

Current members (at end of Season 11)

Buffy Summers (Slayer; died, revived; died, resurrected)
Willow Rosenberg (human witch)
Xander Harris (human former Watcher)
Rupert Giles (human warlock & former Watcher; died, resurrected)
Spike (vampire; ensouled; died; resurrected)
Dawn Summers (human; The Key)
Faith Lehane (Slayer)

BtVS Season 1


Sunnydale High School library

Gang members:

Buffy Summers (Slayer; died, resurrected)
Rupert Giles (Watcher; warlock)
Willow Rosenberg (human; computer geek)
Xander Harris (human)


Angel (ensouled vampire)
Cordelia Chase (human; starting with “Out of Mind, Out of Sight”)
Jenny Calender (human Gypsy witch; starting with “I Robot, You Jane”)
Watchers Council

Primary enemies:

The Master (master vampire; died in “Prophecy Girl”)
Darla (vampire; dusted in “Angel”)
Order of Aurelius (vampire cult)

BtVS Season 2


Sunnydale High School library

Gang members:

Buffy Summers (Slayer)
Rupert Giles (Watcher; warlock)
Willow Rosenberg (human; computer geek)
Xander Harris (human)
Cordelia Chase (human)
Angel (until becoming Angelus in “Innocence”)
Jenny Calender (until her secret was revealed in “Innocence”)


Daniel “Oz” Osborne (human; became a werewolf in “Phases”)
Jenny Calender (murdered by Angelus in )
Kendra Young (Slayer; murdered by Drusilla)
Spike (vampire; ally against Angelus in “Becoming”)
Willy the Snitch (human; owner, Willy’s Bar/Place)
Watchers Council

Primary enemies:

Order of Aurelius (until “School Hard”)
Spike (vampire; until “Becoming”)
Drusilla (vampire)
Angelus (vampire; after “Innocence”; killed in “Becoming”)
Minions of The Whirlwind
Ethan Rayne (human; chaos wizard; in “Eyghon” and “The Dark Age”)

BtVS Season 3


Sunnydale High School library

Gang embers:

Buffy Summers (Slayer)
Rupert Giles (Watcher until “Helpless”; warlock)
Willow Rosenberg (human; computer geek; becomes novice Wiccan)
Xander Harris (human)
Cordelia Chase (human; member until “Lovers Walk”, returns in “Enterprise”)
Angel (resurrected in “Faith, Hope, & Trick”; returns to the group in “Revelations”)
Daniel “Oz” Osborne (werewolf)
Faith Lehane (Slayer; from “Faith, Hope, & Trick” until “Consequences”)
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (from “Bad Girls”)


Joyce Summers (human)
Anya Jenkins (human; former vengeance demon)
Amy Madison (human; witch; turned into a rat)
Willy the Snitch (human; owner, Willy’s Bar/Place)
Watchers Council

Primary enemies:

Mayor Richard Wilkins (human immortal)
Trick (vampire)
Faith Lehane (rogue Slayer; after “Consequences”)
Ethan Rayne (human; chaos wizard; in “Band Candy”)

BtVS Season 4


Rupert Giles’ apartment

Gang members:

Buffy Summers (Slayer)
Rupert Giles (former Watcher; warlock)
Willow Rosenberg (human; computer geek; Wiccan)
Xander Harris (human)
Anya Jenkins (human; from “Pangs”)
Daniel “Oz” Osborne (werewolf; leaves in “Wild at Heart”)
Riley Finn (human; military; from “New Moon Rising”)


Tara Maclay (human; witch; from “Who Are You”)
Riley Finn (human; military; from “Doomed” until “New Moon Rising”)
Spike (vampire; from “Pangs”)
Willy the Snitch (human; owner, Willy’s Bar/Place)
Olivia Williams
The Initiative (from “Doomed” until “The ‘I’ in Team”)

Primary enemies:

The Initiative (after “The I in Team”)
Adam (cyborg)
Spike (vampire; until “Wild at Heart”)
Harmony Kendall (vampire)
Ethan Rayne (human; chaos wizard; in “A New Man”)

BtVS Season 5


Rupert Giles’ apartment
The Magic Box

Gang members:

Buffy Summers (Slayer; dies in “The Gift”)
Rupert Giles (human  warlock; Watcher again from “Checkpoint”)
Willow Rosenberg (human; computer geek; witch)
Xander Harris (human)
Anya Jenkins (human; former vengeance demon)
Daniel “Oz” Osborne (werewolf; leaves in “Wild at Heart”)
Riley Finn (human; ex-military; leaves in “Into the Woods”)
Tara Maclay (human; witch; after  )
Buffybot (robot; in “The Gift”)


Joyce Summers (human; dies in “I Was Made to Love You”)
Dawn Summer (human; The Key incarnate)
Spike (vampire)
Willy the Snitch (human; owner, Willy’s Bar/Place)
Watchers Council (after “Checkpoint”)
Ben Wilkinson (until “The Weight of the World”)
Order of Dagon

Primary enemies:

Glorificus (hell god)
Glory’s minions (demons)
Ben Wilkinson (from “The Weight of the World”)
Harmony Kendall (vampire)
The Minionators (dusted in “Real Me”)
Knights of Byzantium (overzealous enemies of Glorificus)

BtVS Season 6


The Magic Box (until “Hell’s Bells)
Summers family residence (from “Hell’s Bells”)

Gang members:

Buffy Summers (Slayer; resurrected; returns to the group in “Afterlife”)
Buffy-bot (in “Bargaining”; destroyed)
Rupert Giles (human; warlock; Watcher again from “Checkpoint”)
Willow Rosenberg (human; computer geek; witch; until “Seeing Red”)
Xander Harris (human)
Dawn Summers (human)
Anya Jenkins (human; until “Hell’s Bells; returns to being a vengance demon)
Tara Maclay (human Witch; until “Tabula Rasa”; returns in “Entropy”; dies in “Seeing Red”)


Spike (vampire; until “Entropy”)
Watchers Council
Devon Coven (from “Seeing Red”)
Willy the Snitch (human; owner, Willy’s Bar/Place)
Amy Madison (human; witch)

Primary enemies:

The Trio (until “Entropy”)
Dark Willow (from “Seeing Red”)
Amy Madison (human; witch)

BtVS Season 7


Summers family residence

Gang members:

Buffy Summers (Slayer)
Rupert Giles (Watcher; warlock; from “Bring on the Night”)
Willow Rosenberg (human; witch; from “Selfless” )
Xander Harris (human; “the one who sees”)
Anya Jenkins (human again; after “Selfless”; died in “Chosen”)
Dawn Summers (human)
Spike (ensouled vampire; from “Potential”; died in “Chosen”)
Andrew Wells (human; computer geek; magic user; from “Storyteller”)
Faith Lehane (Slayer; from “Dirty Girls”)


Robin Wood (human; former Slayer’s son; from “First Date”)
Andrew Wells (human; computer geek; magic user; from “Never Leave Me” until “Storyteller”)
Spike (ensouled vampire; until “Potential”)
Willy the Snitch (human; owner, Willy’s Bar/Place)
Watchers Council (until destroyed in “Never Leave Me”)
Devon Coven

Primary enemies:

The First (the First Evil)
Caleb (primary servant of The First)
Harbingers of Death, or Bringers (humanoid demons)
Turok-Han (proto-vampires)
Amy Madison (human; witch)

BtVS Season 8: Slayer Organization

This group had its roots in the Potentials who gathered at the Summers’ residence in Season 7, then became Slayers along with all the Potentials around the world in the battle leading up to the Fall of Sunnydale and the closing of its Hellmouth.  It dissolved with the End of Magic at the end of Season 8.  During most of its existence, the Scooby Gang was dispersed among it.  There were 500 slayers involved in the organization out of the 1800 slayers activated worldwide during the Battle of Sunnydale, along with Wiccans, Watchers, and other support personnel.  The Scooby Gang was together again in Tibet, then in the final battle against Twilight.


Slayer Citadel (Scotland; until Time of Your Life)
Slayer Mansion (Scotland; from After These Messages until Retreat)
Slayer Island (Scotland; in Retreat, Part 1)
Oz’s Retreat (Tibet; from Retreat)

Command structure:

Buffy Summers, Head Slayer and squad leader, Scotland
Faith Lehane, squad leader, Cleveland, then Senior Slayer at-large
Willow Rosenberg, Head Wiccan
Rupert Giles, Watcher, at-large (died in Last Gleaming)
Xander Harris, Watcher, based in Scotland
Robin Wood, Watcher, based in Cleveland
Andrew Wells, Watcher, based in Rome/Tuscany
Amirah, squad leader, Rome
Unknown, squad leader, St. Petersburg
Vi, squad leader, Manhattan
Rona, squad leader, Chicago
Aiko, squad leader, Tokyo (died in Wolves at the Gate)
Satsu, squad leader, Tokyo (from Wolves at the Gate)
Donna, squad leader, Barcelona
Nadira, squad leader, Azores
Cori, squad leader, Louisiana


Dawn Summers (human > giant > centaur > doll > human again)
Daniel “Oz” Osborne (werewolf)
Bayarmaa Osborne (werewolf)
Kelden Osborne (werewolf)
Riley Finn (human; military; triple agent in the Twilight Group)
Sam Finn (human; military)
Dracula (vampire)
Spike (ensouled vampire)
Melaka Fray (Slayer, 23rd century; in Time of Your Life)
The Beetles (giant extraterrestrial sapient insects)

Primary enemies:

Twilight Group
            Twilight (Higher Power)
            Twilight (Angel in disguise)
            General Voll (died in The Last Gleaming)
            The General (name classified; replaced Gen. Voll in The Last Gleaming)
            Riley Finn (triple agent)
            Warren Mears (skinless human; warlock)
            Amy Madison (human; witch)
            Whistler (half-Higher Being, half-Demon Lord)
            Pearl (half-demon)
            Nash (half-demon)
            The Master (master vampire)
            Roden (human; Warlock)
            Numerous military personnel, several demons and magic users

Toru’s Pack (vampire gang in Japan)
Simone Doffler (rogue Slayer)
Simone’s Crew (rogue Slayers)
Lady Genevieve Savage (rogue Slayer)
Ethan Rayne (human; chaos wizard; died in The Long Way Home)

BtVS Season 9


Buffy’s and Willow’s apartment, San Francisco

Gang members:

Buffy Summers (Slayer)
Willow Rosenberg (human former witch)
Xander Harris (human; former Watcher)
Dawn Summers (human)
Andrew Wells (human; former Watcher)
Spike (ensouled vampire)


Anaheed (Slayer)
Tumble (human)
Robert Dowling (human SFPD detective, Vampire Task Force)
SFPD Vampire Task Force
The Beetles (until the end of Spike: A Dark Place)
Eldre Koh (Nitobe demon)
The Beetles (giant extraterrestrial sapient insects)
Team Angel
Deepscan Inc. (security agency)
First Mystical Council

Primary enemies:

Simone Doffler (rogue Slayer; became a Slaypire and died in The Core)
Severin the Siphon (human mutant; vampire hunter; died in The Core)
Maloker (Old One; first creator of vampires; from The Core)

BtVS Season 10


Scoobies’ apartment building, San Francisco

Gang members:

Buffy Summers (Slayer)
Willow Rosenberg (human; Wiccan)
Spike (ensouled vampire)
Xander Harris (human)
Dawn Summers (human; became The Key empowered in Own It)
Andrew Wells (human)
Rupert Giles (human; warlock)
Billy Lane (Slayer; in Welcome to the Team)
Anaheed (Slayer; through Welcome to the Team)


Robert Dowling (human; detective, SFPD Supernatural Task Force)
Olivia Williams, LAPD Supernatural Crimes Unit, liaison to SFPD
SFPD Supernatural Task Force
The Beetles (giant extraterrestrial sapient insects; until Spike: A Dark Place)
Team Angel
Team Billy
Deepscan Inc. (military contractors)
Harmony Kendall (vampire)
D’Hoffryn (head vengeance demon; until In Pieces on the Ground)
Second Mystical Council (murdered in In Pieces on the Ground)
Third Mystical Council

Primary enemies:

The Soul Glutton (demon; died in In Pieces on the Ground)
The Mistress (siren; died in In Pieces on the Ground)
The Sculptor (demon; died in In Pieces on the Ground)
Maloker (Old One; first creator of vampires; through New Rules)
Archaeus (Demon Lord who sired The Master)
D’Hoffryn (head vengeance demon; from In Pieces on the Ground; killed)

BtVS Season 11

Gang members:

Buffy Summers (Slayer)
Willow Rosenberg (human; witch)
Spike (ensouled vampire)
Xander Harris (human)
Dawn Summers (The Key incarnate)
Andrew Wells (human)
Rupert Giles (human; warlock)


Riley Finn (human; military)
Sam Finn (human; military)

Primary enemies:

Peacekeepers, Supernatural Department (Slayers)
Pandora Project
Vice President of the United States
Ophelia Reyes, Secretary of the Supernatural
Joanna Wise, White House Press Secretary

BtVS Season 12

Based on the little information given out by Joss Whedon when announced the new series.


Scoobies’ apartment building, San Francisco

Gang members:

Buffy Summers (Slayer)
Willow Rosenberg (human; Wiccan)
Spike (ensouled vampire)
Xander Harris (human)
Dawn Summers (The Key incarnate)
Andrew Wells (human; magic-user)
Rupert Giles (human; warlock)
Angel (ensouled vampire)
Fred Berkle/Illyria (human/Old One)


Melaka Fray (Slayer; 23rd century)

Primary enemies:

Harth Fray (vampire; 23rd century)
Wolfram & Hart


Now based in London, Team Angel and Angel Investigations were in the early years virtually the same thing.  The latter did not exist during Team Angel’s time running the Los Angeles branch of Wolfram & Hart.   Connor took over Angel Investigations at the end of Season 6 when Angel left until stepping down in favor of Gunn when he returned to university.

Current members (at the end of Season 11):

Angel (ensouled vampire)
Fred BUrkle/Illyria (human/Old One)
Eldre Koh (Nitobe demon)
Lavinia Fairweather (human witch)
Sophie Fairweather (human witch)
Nadira (mutant Slayer)

Angel Season 1


Angel Investigations offices I

Team members:

Angel (ensouled vampire; Champion of the Powers-That-Be)
Allen Francis Doyle (half-Bracken demon; died in “Hero”)
Cordelia Chase (human)
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (former Watcher; demon-hunter)


Kate Lockley (human; LAPD detective)
Charles Gunn human; vampire hunter; from “War Zone”)
Gunn’s Crew (from “War Zone”)
The Oracles (Higher Beings; died in “To Shanshu in L.A.”)
Scooby Gang
Faith Lehane (Slayer; from the end of “Sanctuary”)

Primary enemies:

Lilah Morgan (human; lawyer, Wolfram & Hart)
Lindsey McDonald (human; lawyer, Wolfram & Hart)
Holland Manners (human; lawyer, Wolfram & Hart)
Wolfram & Hart (evil law firm)
Faith Lehane (rogue Slayer; from “Five by Five” until “Sanctuary”)
Spike (in “In the Dark”)

Angel Season 2


Cordelia’s apartment (through “Are You Now or Have You Ever Been”)
Hyperion Hotel (from “First Impressions” until “Reunion”)
Angel Investigations offices II (from “Reunion” until “Epiphany”)
Hyperion Hotel (from “Epiphany”)

Team members:

Angel (ensouled vampire; until the end of “Reunion”; returns in “Epiphany”)
Cordelia Chase (human)
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (human)
Charles Gunn (human; from “Untouched”)


Charles Gunn (human; vampire hunter; until “Untouched”)
Kate Lockley (human; LAPD detective; until “Epiphany”)
Gunn’s Crew (vampire hunters)
Lorne, The Host (Deathwok demon; owner of Caritas)
Anne Steele (human; director, East Hills Teen Center)
Harmony Kendall (vampire; in “Disharmony”)
Groosalugg (half-Pylean demon; Champion)

Primary enemies:

Lilah Morgan (human; lawyer, Wolfram & Hart)
Lindsey McDonald (human; lawyer, Wolfram & Hart; until “Dead End”)
Holland Manners (human; lawyer, Wolfram & Hart; died in “Reunion”)
Linwood Murrow (human; lawyer, Wolfram & Hart)
Gavin Park (human; lawyer, Wolfram & Hart)
Wolfram & Hart (evil law firm)
Harmony Kendall (vampire; in “Disharmony”)
Darla (human; until “Darla”; vampire from “Reunion” until “Entropy”)
Drusilla (vampire; from “The Trial” until “Redefinition”)

Angel Season 3


Hyperion Hotel

Team members:

Angel (ensouled vampire)
Cordelia Chase (human; half-demon in “Birthday”; Higher Being in “Tomorrow”)
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (until “Sleep Tight”)
Charles Gunn (human)
Fred Burkle (human)
Lorne (Deathwok demon; from “Dad”; left in “Tomorrow”)
Groosalugg (Pylean half-demon; from “Couplet”)
Connor (human vampire-spawn; from “A New World”)
Darla (vampire; from “Offspring” until the end of “Lullaby”)


Lorne, The Host (Deathwok demon; until “Dad”; owner of Caritas until “Offspring”)
Wesley’s Crew (demon hunters)
Faith Lehane (Slayer; in prison)

Primary enemies:

Lilah Morgan (human; lawyer, Wolfram & Hart)
Linwood Murrow (human; lawyer, Wolfram & Hart)
Gavin Park (human; lawyer, Wolfram & Hart)
Wolfram & Hart (evil law firm)
Skip (mercenary demon)
Sahjan (Granok demon; neutralized in “Forgiving”)

Angel Season 4


Hyperion Hotel

Team members:

Angel (ensouled vampire; until “Awakening”; returns in “Orpheus”)
Cordelia Chase (human; from “The House Always Wins” until “Spin the Bottle”)
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (from “Apocalypse Nowish”)
Charles Gunn (human)
Fred Burkle (human)
Lorne (Deathwok demon; rejoins in “The House Always Wins”)
Connor (human vampire-spawn; leaves at the end of “Deep Down”)


Gwen Raiden (mutant human; occasional)
Faith Lehane (in prison until “Salvage”; leaves for Sunnydale at the end of “Orpheus”)
Wesley’s Crew (demon hunters)
Lilah Morgan (human; from “Habaeus Corpses”; died in “Cavalry”)
Scooby Gang

Primary enemies:

Lilah Morgan (human; lawyer, Wolfram & Hart; until “Habaeus Corpses”)
Linwood Murrow (human; lawyer, Wolfram & Hart; died in “Deep Down”)
Gavin Park (human; lawyer, Wolfram & Hart; died in “Habaeus Corpses”)
Wolfram & Hart (evil law firm; destroyed in “Habaeus Corpses”)
Jasmine (Higher Being; former Power; from “Spin the Bottle”; died in “Peace Out”)
The Beast (demon; died in “Salvage”)
Skip (mercenary demon; died in “Inside Out”)
Angelus (vampire; from “Awakening” until “Orpheus”)

Angel Season 5


CEO offices, Wolfram & Hart

Team members:

     CEO, Wolfram & Hart
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (human; died in “Not Fade Away”)
     Head, Wolfram & Hart research department
Fred Burkle (human; until “A Hole in the World”)
     Head, Wolfram & Hart science department
Charles Gunn
     Head, Wolfram & Hart legal department
     Head, Wolfram & Hart entertainment department
Spike (ensouled vampire; from “A Hole in the World”)
Harmon Kendall (vampire; until “Not Fade Away”)
     CEO’s Office Manager, Wolfram & Hart
Illyria (Old One; from “A Hole in the World”)
Connor Reilly (human vampire-spawn; Champion; in “Not Fade Away”)


Spike (ensouled vampire; until “A Hole in the World”)
Cordelia Chase (Higher Being; in “Origin”)
Lindsey McDonald (human; warlock; in “Power Play” and “Not Fade Away”; died)

Primary enemies:

Lindsey McDonald (human; warlock; until “You’re Welcome”; sent to a hell dimension)
Eve Levin (liaison to the Senior Partners until “You’re Welcome”)
Marcus Hamilton (liaison to the Senior Partners until “Not Fade Away”; died)
Sahjan (Granock demon; released and died in “Origin”)
Circle of the Black Thorn

Angel: After the Fall

In the first weeks after the Fall of Los Angeles into Hell, the members of Team Angel were splintered into smaller groups.  The Senior Partners also made Angel human.  The various teams later reconstituted as Team Angel to fight the Demon Lords.

Team Angel:

Angel (human)
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (ghost; liaison to the Senior Partners)
Cordelia (dragon)

Team Connor:

Connor Reilly (human vampire-spawn)
Nina Ash (werewolf)
Gwen Raiden (human mutant)

Team Spike:

Spike (ensouled vampire; Lord of Beverly Hills)
Illyria (Old One; Lord of Bevelry Hills)
Jeremy Johns (human)

Team Lorne:

Lorne (Deathwok demon; Lord of Silver Lake)
Groosalugg (Pylean half-demon)
Cordelia (pegasus)

Team Angel reconstituted:

When the members of the various teams realized they needed to take on the Demon Lords, they banded back together as Team Angel based at the Hyperion Hotel.

Angel (human)
Connor Reilly (human vampire-spawn)
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (ghost; liaison to the Senior Partners)
Cordelia (dragon)
Nina Ash (werewolf)
Gwen Raiden (human mutant)
Spike (ensouled vampire)
Illyria (Old One)
Jeremy Johns (human)
Lorne (Deathwok demon; Lord of Los Angeles after the great battle)
Groosalugg (Pylean half-demon)
Cordelia (pegasus)
Maria Harley (demon; former Spikette)
Betta George (Splenden Beast)
Cordelia Chase (as an apparition)

Primary enemies:

Demon Lords of Los Angeles (until defeated)
Charles Gunn (vampire)
Team Gunn (vampires)

Angel Season 6


Abandoned church (in Aftermath)
Hyperion Hotel (between Aftermath and The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart)
Angel Investigations offices III (from The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart)

Team Members:

Angel (ensouled vampire;)
Connor Reilly (human vampire-spawn; died, resurrected in Connorland)
Charles Gunn (human)
Spike (ensouled vampire; until Spike #1)
Kate Lockley (human; LAPD detective, Supernatural Crimes Unit)
Desdemona (Mayan jaguar warrior; died in Connorland)
Laura Weathermill (human sorcerer & former Watcher; from Connorland)
Polyphemus (monasterenser magnaserm; died in The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart)
James/Jamaerah (Higher Being; from Aftermath until Letters Home)
Gwen Raiden (human mutant; until Aftermath, Part 4)
Betta George (Splenden beast; until Spike #1)
Groosalugg (Pylean half-demon; until Spike #1)
Cordelia (dragon; until Spike #1)


Jeremy Johns (human)
Eddie Hope (devil; in Spike: The Devil You Know)
Sisterhood of Jaro Hull (in Connorland)
Anne Steele (human; director, San Fernando Teen Center)

Primary enemies:

Eddie Hope (devil; in Eddie and the Crew, Parts 6-11)
Myresto Mor (Higher Being; from Letters Home; died in The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart)
Rowant Mor (Higher Being)
Sisterhood of Jaro Hull (after sacrificing Connor)

(Myresto Mor masqueraded as James until being caught in Letters Home.)


After The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart, Angel left Angel Investigations in the hands of Connor, who later resigned to return to university.  Gunn then took over and returned the agency to the Hyperion Hotel.  Kate returned to the LAPD to lead its Supernatural Task Force.  Angel, who had been secretly organizing the Twilight Group since encountering the extradimensional entity known as Twilight, turned his full attention to its task.  Spike had flown off with the Beetles.  Illyria was on a walkabout.

Angel & Faith Season 9


Giles’ former home, London

Team members:

Angel (ensouled vampire)
Faith Lehane (Slayer)
Lavinia Fairweather (human witch)
Sophie Fairweather (human witch)
Rupert Giles (human; resurrected in What You Want, Not What You Need)


Alasdair Coames (human; former archmage)
Charles Gunn (human; head of Angel Investigations)
Connor Reilly (human vampire-spawn)
Scooby Gang
Harmony Kendall (vampire)
Clem (loose-skinned demon)
Spike (ensouled vampire)
First Mystical Council

Primary enemies:

Drusilla (vampire)
Whistler (half-Higher Being, half-Demon Lord; died in What You Want, Not What You Need)
Pearl (half-demon)
Nash (half-demon; died in What You Want, Not What You Need)
Eyghon the Sleepwalker (demon; died in Death and Consequences)
Ethan Rayne (reanimated corpse; chaos wizard; destroyed in Death and Consequences)

Angel & Faith Season 10


Giles’ former home, London

Team members:

Angel (ensouled vampire)
Faith Lehane (Slayer)
Lavinia Fairweather (human witch)
Sophie Fairweather (human witch)
Eldre Koh (Nitobe demon)
Nadira (mutant Slayer)
Fred Burkle/Illyria (human/Old One)


Alasdair Coames (human; archmage)
Inspector Brandt (vampire; Met PD liaison to Magic Town)
Scooby Gang
The Magic (of Magic Town)
Rory (human mutant; owner of Rory’s Pub)

Primary enemies:

Inspector Brandt (vampire; Met PD liaison to Magic Town)
Amy Madison (human; witch)
Drusilla (vampire)
Archaeus (Demon Lord; neutralized in A Tale of Two Families)
Pearl (half-demon)

Angel Season 11


Giles’ former home, London (presumably)

Definite Team members:

Angel (ensouled vampire)
Fred Burkle/Illyria (human/Old One)

Presumed Team members:

Lavinia Fairweather (human witch)
Sophie Fairweather (human witch)
Eldre Koh (Nitobe demon)
Nadira (mutant Slayer)


Operational on ad hoc basis in various locations from Spike:Asylum through Spike #1-8.  It is doubtful Team Spike will ever be assembled again.  Its core members were Spike, Betta George, and Beck, who met each other at Mosaic Wellness Center.


Spike (Scooby Gang)
Betta George (Splenden beast; whereabouts unknown)
Beck (half-fire elemental; whereabouts unknown)
Groosalugg (Pylean half-demon; whereabouts unknown)
Cordelia (dragon; whereabouts unknown)
Lorne (Deathwok demon; deceased)
Illyria (Old One; now with Team Angel)
Spikettes (dispersed)
Eddie Hope (devil; returned home to his family)
The Beetles (Easter Island)
Jeremy Johns (married, living in L.A.)
Marv (werewolf)


Scooby Gang
Team Angel

Spike: Asylum

Team members:

Spike (ensouled vampire)
Beck (half-demon)
Betta George (Splenden Beast)
Lorne (Deathwok demon)
Anna (Ringel demon)
Marv (werewolf)

Primary enemies:

Mosaic Wellness Center

Spike: Shadow Puppets

Team members:

Spike (ensouled vampire)
Beck (half-demon)
Betta George (Splenden Beast)
Lorne (Deathwok demon)
Marv (werewolf)
Tok Shinobu (human; ninja demon hunter)

Primary enemies:

Smile Time demon puppets

After the Fall

Team members:

Spike (ensouled vampire; Lord of Beverly Hills)
Illyria (Old One)
Jeremy Johns (human)


Team Angel
Team Connor
Team Lorne

Primary enemies:

Demon Lords of Los Angeles
Team Gunn

Spike: The Devil You Know

Team members:

Spike (ensouled vampire)
Eddie Hope (devil)
Illyria (Old One)

Primary enemies:

Tansy Fry (vampire)
Order of Aurelius, reconstituted

Spike #1-8

Team members:

Spike (ensouled vampire)
Beck (half-demon)
Betta George (Splenden Beast)
Jeremy Johns (human)
Illyria (Old One)
Groosalugg (Pylean half-demon)
Cordelia (dragon)
The Beetles


Willow Rosenberg (human; witch)
Drusilla (vampire)

Primary enemies:

John (human psychopath; serial killer)
Wolfram & Hart, Las Vegas branch

Magical Mystery Tour, Featuring the Beetles

Team members:

Spike (ensouled vampire)
The Beetles

Spike: A Dark Place

Team members:

Spike (ensouled vampire)
The Beetles


Based in the town of Santa Rosita.

Team members:

Billy Lane (Slayer)
Devon (human; vampire hunter; “Watcher”)
Anaheed (Slayer)
Katie (human)
Sky Lane (human)


Scooby Gang


Zompires infesting Santa Rosita

Mystical Councils

These were founded after the End of Magic, after its restoration, then to stabilize it after D’Hoffryn destroyed the second council.

First Mystical Council

This was the first council, founded by Illyria after the Death of the Seed of Wonder and the End of Magic.  It focused on how to return magic to the world.

Illyria, Old One, head
Buffy Summers (late addition)
D’Hoffryn, chief of vengeance demons
Eldre Koh, Nitobe demon
Brahma, Hindu god
Balloon demon
Tree witch
Leaf Blower demon
Unidentified witch
Unidentified wizard

Second Mystical Council

This was the council founded after the restoration of magic.  D’Hoffryn killed all the others and took their powers.

D’Hoffryn, head
Monarch, fae queen of woodland sprites
The Quiet Man, demon
Keiko, ghost
Matango, anthropomorphic mushroom

Third Mystical Council

This was founded in the aftermath of D’Hoffryn’s power grab and subsequent death on a more stable basis and balanced between the human and non-human communities.

Buffy Summers, president
Rupert Giles, vice-president
Willow Rosenberg, human magic user
Riley Finn, human military
Dracula, vampire
Archduchess Venobia, demon, Circle of the Black Thorn
Lucky Cat, mystical Japanese cat
Cedric, slime man
Unidentified skeleton demon

Circle of the Black Thorn

Archduke Sebassis (demon; leader)
Cyrus Vail (demon warlock)
Izzerial (devil)
Sen. Helen Brucker (demon)
Grand Pontentate Ed (demon; leader of the Fell Brethren)
Savrin Clan Leader (demon)

The Whirlwind

James (18th century)
Lisbeth (18th century)

The Master’s Bloodline

0. Maloker (Old One)
1. Archaeus (created by Maloker)
2. The Master (sired by Archaeus)
3. Darla (sired by The Master)
4. Angel (sired by Darla)
5. Penn (sired by Angelus)
5. Drusilla (sired by Angelus)
5. Sam Lawson (sired by Angel)
6. Spike (sired by Drusilla)
6. Sheila Martini (sired by Drusilla)
6. Darla (sired by Drusilla)
6. Drusilla’s London minions (sired by Drusilla)

Special Projects Division, Wolfram & Hart


Holland Manners (until “Reunion”)
Nathan Reed (from “Reunion” until “Quickening”)
Linwood Murrow (from “Quickening”; died in “Deep Down”)
Lilah Morgan (from “Deep Down” until “Habaeus Corpses”)

Known members:

Lindsey McDonald (until “Dead End”)
Lilah Morgan (until becoming president “Deep Down”)
Gavin Park (died in “Habeaus Corpses”)
Lee Mercer (died in “Blind Date”)

The Cordettes

Cordelia Chase
Harmony Kendall
Gwen Ditchik
Katherine Wexford